Dr. Breden is a leader in the development of genomic resources for immunogenetics, and an expert on how genetic differences in immunoglobulin loci affect naïve immune repertoires, and consequently the repertoires of antigen-specific immune receptors during disease. His results are a paradigm for personalized medicine, in that they demonstrate that population-level variability must be considered in the design of a universal flu vaccine. Dr. Breden is the lead scientist for the iReceptor Project. iReceptor integrates deep-sequencing data from antibodies/T-cell receptors, which are critical for the development of new vaccines, monoclonal antibody therapies against autoimmune diseases, and novel cancer therapies. He is Chair of the Executive Committee of the AIRR Community, a grass-roots organization of immunogeneticists, bioinformaticists, and experts in legal/ethical aspects of sharing genomic data. The AIRR Community is developing protocols for sharing/comparing these important data.
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