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Event TypeProject Poster
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Computer Architecture
Containerized HPC
Education and Training
Energy consumption
Exascale Systems
Extreme-Scale Computing
File Systems
HPC Accelerators
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
HPC workflows
Heterogeneous Systems
Math Library Design
Parallel Algorithms
Parallel Applications
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Performance Tools
Programming Models & Languages
Scientific Software Development
Storage Technologies
System Software & Runtime Systems
Visualization & Virtual Reality
TimeTuesday, June 26th3:15pm - 3:45pm
LocationBooth N-230
(PP01) TaLPas: Task-Based Load Balancing and Auto-Tuning in Particle Simulations
Poster Author
(PP02) Inverse Coil Design by Machine Learning-based Optimization
Poster Author
(PP03) The Virtual Institute for I/O and the IO-500
(PP04) The High-Q Club
(PP05) The Fast Fourier Transform in the Exascale Era
(PP06) International HPC Certification Program
(PP07) ProPE – A joint Effort to Establish a unified Service Infrastructure for Performance Engineering in German HPC-Center
(PP08) Performance Conscious HPC (PeCoH) - 2018
(PP09) ProfiT-HPC: A Profiling Toolkit for HPC in Tiers 2 and 3
(PP10) ESiWACE: Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe
Poster Author
(PP11) EuroEXA: European Co-Design for Exascale Applications
(PP12) DEEP-HybridDataCloud
(PP13) An Auto Climate Model continuous Integration Strategy
(PP14) Mont-Blanc 2020, European Scalable, Modular and Power Efficient HPC Processor
(PP15) Energy Efficient Computing Research at STFC Hartree Centre
Poster Author
(PP16) Advanced Computation and I/O Methods for Earth-System Simulations (AIMES)
(PP17) Efficient Time Stepping in Partitioned Multi-Physics
Poster Author
(PP18) MYX - MUST Correctness Checking for YML and XMP Programs
(PP19) Towards Supporting Heterogeneous Hardware in GROMACS
(PP20) ESSEX-II: Equipping Sparse Solvers for Exascale
(PP21) EXASTEEL: Multiscale Simulation of Steel using FE2TI
(PP22) A Deep Learning Tool for fast Simulation
Poster Author
(PP23) Decimate: A Portable and Fault-Tolerant Scheduler Extension Efficiently Handling a Large Number of Dependent Jobs
(PP24) Intelligent Digital Rock Modeling
(PP25) In Situ Visualization of Laser-Plasma Interaction